Wednesday 30 March 2011

The Only Angel Reading In New Cross

This weekend we are playing three shows in and around London. The first show is In New Cross with Black Heart Orchestra, Hedoniacs, Rent Boys and Suicide Party it's at the New Cross Inn in New Cross. The Second of the shows is at the Zenith Bar in Angel with Dogs and Cats Living Together and The Sailplanes. It's a fundraiser so all of your money goes straight to charity. All of it. It will also be a year since Dead Lake was released! On Sunday we will be in Reading at The Butler playing with Poino and Toddlers.

Last weekend was lot's of fun. We were added to two shows at short notice due to bands pulling out, the first was in Kingston and the second was in Leeds replacing That Fucking Tank on an amazing bill of bands. A massive thanks to Rebecca and Owain for thinking of us and asking us to play. Also a thanks to False Flags and Jogging for being both great bands and nice lads and also Nodders for putting us up for the night and Stacey for joining us for breakfast!

Friday 25 March 2011

The Unexpected Hits You Between The Eyes

This weekend was going to be dedicated to writing as we had no gigs lined up. That plan has changed because on Tuesday we got offered a show for this Friday at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston and on Thursday evening we got an offer to play THE BIG HORSE PARTY MK. II in Leeds as a replacement for That Fucking Tank.

The Friday show at The Cocks is with March Of The Raptors & Burn The Fleet

Saturday is a festival at the Packhorse Leeds with lots of great bands; Sky Larkin, Jogging, Tangled Hair, Canaya, Double Muscle, Wet Nuns, Paul Thomas Saunders, Loose Talk Costs Lives, Shields, Just Handshakes (We're British), Yonderboy, Aviaries, False Flags and Smokescreen.

Sunday 20 March 2011

Gunning, Giving and Split Peas

Sam Edwards, Top lass and co inventor of the anti rape beard, will be gunning it at the Edinburgh Half Marathon on May 22nd in aid of Macmillan cancer support. She is trying to raise £400 so if you can spare a few quid then go here to do so. Even if you don't know her, you'll still feel great once you've handed over your cash.

Chick Peas have split up, it's pretty sad news as they were one of my favourite bands. We toured with them back in 2008 around Europe and the UK. Have a listen to them here is you've never heard them before. I'd highly recommend you buy the record too, either buy it from that link or email us as I'm trying to get a few copies of it to sell in our distro. And if they don't send me any I'll just bootleg it.

Saturday 19 March 2011

Cup of Tea

...but at least Lupins were excellent. They don't appear to have much of a web presence and last night was only their fourth show. They have a recording up here.

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Four Fucking Quid!

Last night's show with Bottlenose Dolphins and Guns or Knives was a banger. Bottlenose Dolphins were excellent and so were Guns or Knives. I was a bit worried about the attendance as it was a Monday but loads of people still came out for it, so thank you. Sorry for the stupidly high beer prices, I mentioned it in a previous post but I didn't realise it was going to be quite that much. An inflation of about 40 pence since I was last there. I bought my own beer and hid it from the staff and although they might of been cool with it I was too scared to ask. I also knocked Phil's Amp head off the cab but my shin broke its fall. The amp works fine and my shin is healing nicely.

Monday 14 March 2011

Finally Done It

A long time ago I promised a tour diary of our tour of England, Ireland and Northern Ireland. I've finally got around to finishing it so here it is. In the next week or so I will be up to date and there will also be an account of our recent tour with Solomon Grundy. Here is the Diary.

Sunday 13 March 2011

The Way You Make Me Feel

The split single with Ivy's Itch has been recorded and we are in the final stages of mixing it. We are very happy with the recording and hopefully Ivy's Itch are near completion of their tracks so we can get it out sooner rather than later.

Our May tour of Europe is shaping up nicely but still have a few holes that need filling. We have lot's of London shows coming up before then and tomorrow we are playing with Bottlenose Dolphins and Guns or Knives at the Old Blue Last in trendy Shoreditch. I might shave one side of my head for it. It's free entry but you pay that back with expensive drinks.