Friday 20 April 2018


In the chaos of the last few months, we never got round to updating this page so in case you missed it, here's a summary.

On our way to our final Paris gig with Bruxa Maria on January 20th this year, we were in a high-speed motorway accident just outside Amiens (France) in which Gareth broke his neck, and Matt from Bruxa sustained multiple injuries that were even worse than that. Gareth is almost fully recovered (physically) but Matt - although discharged and back in the UK - continues to make regular trips to various orthopedic specialists. Of course I'm sure you have been and will continue join us in sending the good feelings, as well as presents, in Matt's direction.

In more recent weeks we have discovered the van wreck with all our gear in it was raided at the garage it was stored at (allegedly), so we have lost all our equipment too.

In more positive news, our final record has been pressed and is available to order from bandcamp:

Bruxa Maria also have a new record out which you can check out here:

We do intend to reschedule our final Paris and London shows, probably in late 2018, so keep an eye out for those.

Finally, here's some footage of the show we played in Brighton, the night before the accident.