Thursday 28 June 2012

I Won't Let You Let Me Down

We did an interview for Cock and Bull TV podcast in Dublin back in April. We played lots of rad stuff like Nitkowski, Shield Your Eyes, Death Pedals, Sex Pistols and Phil and Gareth insisted on some Lionel Richie. I would have had Queen's Death on Two Legs but Lionel won. Here it is Cock and Bull TV
*apologies for my poorly constructed sentences. If you have a foreign first language, then "The Sex Pistols got us formed" is not a proper sentence. What I meant was "We formed because of the Sex Pistols". What a dick I am.

And Wooderson have put up their new record for pre order, you can stream it here. It's rad.

Monday 25 June 2012

The Hornless

This is one of my favourite records ever. Some people confuse it with the tight jeans movement, but they are wrong, this is just bass and keyboard driven aceness. And I love the fact that the bassist is called Russell White (very nearly the same name as mine).

The Short Wave Channel - Bright Lights, They Hurt

Sunday 24 June 2012


This is Alex from Nitkowski's stuff he did with his brother when he was younger. It's well worth a click and download. lostcassettes

Also, this is Stef's [Shield Your Eyes] other band Brass. It has Andy [That Fucking Tank, Nope] on bass and Doog [Future Adventures, Spy Versus Spy, The Wow] on Drums. Future Adventures were mint. Brarse

Monday 18 June 2012

'92 Love Album

Gareth hit his 30's yesterday, meaning that we are all a bunch of 30 something's. We now have a combined age of 92. This probably explains the cramp that he's been getting recently.

Tour was great again, you can read all about it once I've written it up. I'm a bit behind with the tour diaries (three tours to be exact), but I plan on doing them during my six week holiday at the end of this academic year.

And, we have new t-shirts! They are available at our shows for a measly £5. Talking of which, we have a couple of London shows coming up in the next couple of weeks. Both have great line ups and if you come to both, it'll only cost you £4. You should have enough change to buy a t-shirt and the split 10-inch-with-a-Clean-Kitchen-is-a-Happy-Kitchen-that-comes-with-a-CD. That itself is only a fiver. Oh, and beer is cheap at both venues, meaning you can probably also afford an SF tote bag.

Happy Birthday!

Saturday 2 June 2012

Continental Colin

Oh my, you are looking great. Tomorrow we start our little tour of France and Belgium. It should have been Luxembourg tonight but the show got cancelled. We are hitting Gent, Paris, Nancy, Lyon, Metz, Caen and Brussels. We will have on us our new record and some new t-shirts. And hopefully the weather will allow me to wear my new shorts.

Europe June 2012
3rd Gent
4th Paris
5th Nancy
6th Lyon
7th Metz
8th Caen
9th Brussels