Sunday 30 December 2012

Day Four of Four

We solved the guitar sound issues that had arisen the night before and set about recording the guitar. We made good time and even had time to put down the vocals. There are two tracks which Phil hasn't finished the vocals for, but he plans on going back in a couple of weeks, once they're finalized. It's sounding great and we look forward to hearing the first mix. Umair Chaudhary [sound engineer] is rad.

Saturday 29 December 2012

Day Three of Four

We finished the live recordings and the bass parts, and attempted to put down some guitar. We had a bit of trouble getting the desired guitar sound so we finished a tad early, with a plan of action and solution in place for the following day. It might be pushing it to get vocals down too, but you never know!

Friday 28 December 2012

Day Two of Four

I had hoped to have put down most of the bass by the end of the day but we spent most of it finishing the drum tracks. They sound great, and with two days left, it's not an issue. We also managed to do a few takes of a track that we want recorded live. It's sounding mint.

Thursday 27 December 2012

Day One of Four

We set off on Thursday morning at 9am, bound for Reading. Reading is home of Silver Street Studios where Umair Chaudry works. Umair Chaudry recorded our last record [the split with Clean Kitchen] and we wanted to work with him again.

We arrived just after 10am and spent most of the day setting up the drums and making them sound mint. At around 3pm we were ready to lay down some tracks and nailed three of them. Two others were also recorded but we wanted to listen to them with fresh ears in the morning. We finished at 6pm, safe in the knowledge that we're making good time.

Friday 7 December 2012

Try An Ale

We got a few shows coming up in the build up to Christmas. We'll be recording our next album during the week between Christmas and New Year, so these shows will be used to get songs tight and to play stuff previously confined to practice rooms.

Monday 12 November 2012

Triplejump All-Dayer II

Saturday 17th November 2012 - This coming weekend!

Our second all dayer is coming up and we are terribly excited! Us and these rad bands are playing -



It is being held, once again, at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston Upon Thames. Kingston is in South West London and is only 20 minutes on the train from Central London. The Cocks is right near Kingston Railway Station. Entry is £6.50

Any questions, email us at

Sunday 4 November 2012

Filthy Weekend

The last few days hanging out with Death Pedals was immense fun. They're certainly four lads of the highest order. As were Nodders, Andy and Nick, who put us on in Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham respectively. Thanks to everyone who attended a show, being in a band would be rubbish if no-one came to the gigs.

Thursday 1 November 2012

Fountains of Alex, Stu, Tom and Wayne

We start the mini tour w/ Death Pedals today! We are meeting at Toddington service station, then we're gonna drive to Leeds in convoy. If you're on Twitter and follow us, you'll no doubt get a running commentary.

I might even write a tour diary, even though, as of this week, I'm officially a year behind on them. I'll take notes.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Holidays in the Waterloo Sunset

Last night was good fun. The neighbours either side of the Singapora lounge complained about the noise, apparently it's the first time they've ever had a noise complaint. We turned down a little bit and carried on. We once got a written noise complaint in response to a show we did at a youth club. It read "It was more 'The Sex Pistols' than 'The Kinks'. The noise was horrendous". I'd like to think that they had a similar thought last night. Rochester itself is a lovely place.

Friday 26 October 2012

Some People are Girls, Get Over It

We have a few shows coming up over the half term break (if you still live by that holiday system!). Tonight we are playing a Halloween show in Rochester, Kent at the Singapora Lounge, and next week, we are doing a weekender with Death Pedals!

Friday 26th October 2012
The Singapora Lounge
Halloween Party!
Weekender w/ Death Pedals

Thursday 1st November 2012
Wharf Chambers
w/ Death Pedals

Friday 2nd November 2012
The Audacious Art Experiment
w/ Death Pedals

Saturday 3rd November 2012
JT Soar
w/ Death Pedals and Bloody Mammals

We have booked recording over the Christmas holiday to start the recording of our second album. We are going back to Silver Street in Reading and will be using Umair Chaudry again as he did such a grand job with the Split.


Wednesday 29 August 2012


We have a rather mint show happening this Friday night [31st August] at Ryans Bar in Stoke Newington. Hawks from the United States of America and Ginola from The Republic of Ireland will be playing, as will both us and Hag. It will be a night full of great music and lovely people so don't miss out.

This is Hawks-

This is Ginola -

See you on Friday.

Monday 2 July 2012

Tactic Al Bailey

I think this video was shot at our all dayer last October. We went on first, because we're nice like that. The song is Tactic A which is on our split with A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen. It was shot by our pal Al Bailey.

Thursday 28 June 2012

I Won't Let You Let Me Down

We did an interview for Cock and Bull TV podcast in Dublin back in April. We played lots of rad stuff like Nitkowski, Shield Your Eyes, Death Pedals, Sex Pistols and Phil and Gareth insisted on some Lionel Richie. I would have had Queen's Death on Two Legs but Lionel won. Here it is Cock and Bull TV
*apologies for my poorly constructed sentences. If you have a foreign first language, then "The Sex Pistols got us formed" is not a proper sentence. What I meant was "We formed because of the Sex Pistols". What a dick I am.

And Wooderson have put up their new record for pre order, you can stream it here. It's rad.

Monday 25 June 2012

The Hornless

This is one of my favourite records ever. Some people confuse it with the tight jeans movement, but they are wrong, this is just bass and keyboard driven aceness. And I love the fact that the bassist is called Russell White (very nearly the same name as mine).

The Short Wave Channel - Bright Lights, They Hurt

Sunday 24 June 2012


This is Alex from Nitkowski's stuff he did with his brother when he was younger. It's well worth a click and download. lostcassettes

Also, this is Stef's [Shield Your Eyes] other band Brass. It has Andy [That Fucking Tank, Nope] on bass and Doog [Future Adventures, Spy Versus Spy, The Wow] on Drums. Future Adventures were mint. Brarse

Monday 18 June 2012

'92 Love Album

Gareth hit his 30's yesterday, meaning that we are all a bunch of 30 something's. We now have a combined age of 92. This probably explains the cramp that he's been getting recently.

Tour was great again, you can read all about it once I've written it up. I'm a bit behind with the tour diaries (three tours to be exact), but I plan on doing them during my six week holiday at the end of this academic year.

And, we have new t-shirts! They are available at our shows for a measly £5. Talking of which, we have a couple of London shows coming up in the next couple of weeks. Both have great line ups and if you come to both, it'll only cost you £4. You should have enough change to buy a t-shirt and the split 10-inch-with-a-Clean-Kitchen-is-a-Happy-Kitchen-that-comes-with-a-CD. That itself is only a fiver. Oh, and beer is cheap at both venues, meaning you can probably also afford an SF tote bag.

Happy Birthday!

Saturday 2 June 2012

Continental Colin

Oh my, you are looking great. Tomorrow we start our little tour of France and Belgium. It should have been Luxembourg tonight but the show got cancelled. We are hitting Gent, Paris, Nancy, Lyon, Metz, Caen and Brussels. We will have on us our new record and some new t-shirts. And hopefully the weather will allow me to wear my new shorts.

Europe June 2012
3rd Gent
4th Paris
5th Nancy
6th Lyon
7th Metz
8th Caen
9th Brussels

Sunday 29 April 2012

They Always Come

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Launch show at the Black Heart in Camden. Nitkowski, Saturday's Kids and False Flags were, as expected, fully mint. It wasn't until the lights went on after we played that I realised how many people had turned up, the place was packed!

On the Sunday we headed to Reading to record our next single with Umair Choudhary at Silver Street studios. The idea is to release it with another song we recorded ages ago, which was supposed to be on a vinyl compilation called Poolside Funk. The song was the first song we wrote with Gareth.

We've got some shows coming up in the next month or so;

|Friday May 11th 2012|
Brighton, England
The Alternative Escape Festival
The Hydrant
w/ Love Among The Mannequins, Bad For Lazarus

|Saturday 2nd June 2012|
Dudelange, Luxembourg
Cafe Du Coin

|Sunday 3rd June 2012|
Gent, Belgium
The Kinky Star

|Monday 4th June 2012|
Paris, France
Le Rigoletto

|Tuesday 5th June 2012|
Nancy, France

|Wednesday 6th June 2012|
Lyon, France
Le Sonic

|Thursday 7th June 2012|
Metz, France

|Friday 8th June 2012|
Caen, France

|Saturday 9th June 2012|
Brussels, Belgium
The Student

Thursday 19 April 2012

Release Show News!

This Saturday is our Split single launch! It's happening in Camden at the Black Heart and we have Nitkowski, False Flags (Leeds) and Saturday's Kids (Cardiff) playing too. The whole thing is free entry (the record costs £5...) and should be a right banger of an evening. This is the facebook event page.


Son, Now Don't Be Silly

Shield 'em covering a song by The Who!

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Radial Images

Sadly, we are home from our tour with Love Among The Mannequins. Phil is already back fitting windows, Gareth is doing some recording with Mayors of Miyazaki and I'm drinking tea and putting off job hunting. I'll do it tomorrow.

In the meantime, to keep me amused, I have lots of fond memories of all the great people we met and all the brilliant bands we played with. Reroy [the van] was a good lad whom I'll miss the most.

Have a little click here Love Among The Mannequins, have a listen, and when you get paid next, go purchase it. Or even better, book them in your town [you'll get to meet Reroy too].

Saturday 31 March 2012

Tour with Love Among The Mannequins Starts Today!


|Saturday 31st March 2012| Brighton, England at The Brighton Electric Two w/ Nope
|Sunday 1st April 2012| London, England at The Old Blue Last
|Monday 2nd April 2012| Birmingham, England at The Flapper w/&U&I
|Tuesday 3rd April 2012| Liverpool, England at The Pilgrim w/ Eyes
|Wednesday 4th April 2012| Dublin, Ireland at Thomas House
|Thursday 5th April 2012| Belfast, Northern Ireland at Auntie Annie's w/Annapurna
|Friday 6th April 2012| Edinburgh, Scotland at Bannerman's Bar
|Saturday 7th April 2012| Sunderland, England at Plugged Inn
|Sunday 8th April 2012| Halifax, England at Bar Up (without Love Among The Mannequins)

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Cultcha Club

The wonderful people of Subba-Cultcha have reviewed the split with Clean Kitchen. You can take a look at the review here. You should probably read it, then run along to our bandcamp page and buy it. Just an idea. While you're there, you can download most our back catalogue for free.

Sunday 4 March 2012

Listen and Pre-Order

The Split 10" that I've been banging on about for a year now [originally on a different format, with a different band and different labels - a bit like Trigger's broom] is here! Well, almost. The CD's have arrived and we are just waiting on the vinyl's and packaging. Once we have them, we'll put them together and they will be ready. You can listen to it or Pre-Order it by clicking here. The official release date is the 7th May but we'll send them out beforehand and take them to shows with us.

Thursday 16 February 2012

Cancelled Show & Lads Day Out

Our gig in Paris has been cancelled due to the gig being moved to the Friday night. As we live in London and have work commitments we were unable to do the Friday. It's a shame, but we are looking at going in June. It would have been our 14th gig in Paris, we've only played London and Leeds more times.

Last Sunday we went paint balling with Phil's brother Clive. Clive had bought Phil a day's session for four people for his birthday last May but Phil took ages organising it. When he finally got around to it he chose one of the coldest weekends of the year. It was about minus four Celsius! There was a stag party too and meant that we'd have to split up. I went on the red team with Clive, and Gareth and Phil went on the blue team. The red team won.

Friday 3 February 2012

It's The Stuff You Said You'd Send

On Tuesday the 7th February we are playing a show at The Old Blue Last with Steak Number Eight and Nitkowski. We are on first [20:15].

On another note, a big thanks to Adam McCausland for redesigning our BandCamp page. Have a peek at his website here.

And on a more comical note:

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Welcome To The Restaurant, We've Got Fun And Games

We've been added to the bill of a show that's happening this Friday night in Canterbury. It's at a venue called Casey's and we're playing with Great Ancestors and Death Pedals.

Buy Great Ancestors stuff here and buy Death Pedals stuff here. Visit the Facespace event page here.

And we're on Twitter now here

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Stolen Stuff - Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Astrohenge had their gear stolen on NYE from The Unicorn in Camden. Please repost the following message on your facebook account and hopefully we can all get the word out there to find the missing equipment!

If you stumble across any of the gear listed below (especially those in London/Camden) in cash converters, gumtree ebay, facebook or anywhere, please email or phone the Unicorn and ask for Matt 0207 485 3073

Gibson SG-X guitar (c1999), black, single bridge humbucker pickup, very distinctive silver skull & crossbones design by the bridge. Light wear.

Maverick Iceman copy, electric blue, distinctive 'roll on' volume/tone controls. Light wear.

Diagio pedal board, black, containing the following pedals:
Boss OC-3 Octave pedal
Electro Harmonix Memory man delay pedal
MXR Micro Amp Boost
Silver Korg DT-10 tuner
Orange channel switch
Electro Harmonix Small Stone chorus pedal

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Spill My Seed, Suck My Waste (Slidin' In & Out of Grace)

I hope everyone is having a lovely year so far. I am, despite being skint, unemployed, and approaching my 31st birthday. Last year was mint, and this year is already shaping up to be the same. We've got a few rather special shows booked for the coming months (see right panel) and the split w/ Clean Kitchen is coming along nicely. I know I've been banging on about it for nearly a year, but shit happens, get over it.

As promised, the diary of the UK & Ireland tour w/ Guns or Knives is now up - click me. It's late but this time was late on purpose as it was included in an issue of Molten Magazine and I didn't want to piss them off. I've not yet seen it myself, so if anyone has seen it, please email it to me. It would be interesting to see how much got edited out!