Monday 27 December 2010

Monday 20 December 2010

Our Lives Are Merely Trees Of Possibilities

Sorry to anyone who went to the show at the Zenith Bar to find the whole event cancelled. Especially the guy I read about on the drowned in sound message boards who fell off of his bicycle and had to go home. At least you didn't miss anything. We still wanted to do the show despite the driving conditions and our immense hangovers from the night before but the promoter was worried about the turn out and one of the bands had already pulled out due to illness.

A massive thanks to everyone involved in the Spatchcock show the night before. Incredible evening. That is why we do this.

Our good friend Patrycja Gbiorczyk shot this clip of the evening.

Sunday 12 December 2010

I Dreamed I Was In D:Ream

My brother-in-law is friends with the keyboard player. True story.

This is our cover of the Sonic Youth track I Dreamed I Dream. We recorded it the same day we recorded the Misanthrope 7" vinyl and did it in one take. It was supposed to be released on a compilation but we have not heard anything about it for a while. One Unique Signal were also going to be on the comp doing a Mudhoney cover. I've not heard it yet...

I dreamed I dream - Silent Front

Saturday 11 December 2010

I Know You're Out There

The End Of Radio Christmas show was ace. Although leaving Elizabeth (my Bass) behind was a silly thing to do. She is safe and being looked after by Matt of Astrohenge and to be honest, we could do with the time apart. It'll do us both good. Nic Crawshaw played her first show with Solomon Grundy and they were brilliant. I'm looking forward to going on tour in February with them even more now! It was also nice to again play with Caretaker whom we have known for many years but rarely share a stage with. Hopefully they will one day release the album too.

Next Friday is The Spatchcock Christmas Party! Us, Eyes and the 'Kowsers are playing a Jools Holland style show which means that we will all be set up at the same time and taking it in turns to play a song.
Sly and the Family Drone will be playing during the interlude! Then on the Saturday we are playing with Dogs and Cats Living Together in Angel at The Zenith Bar. I'm yet to see Dogs and Cats Living Together but I am a big fan of the stuff on their My____ page.

To take my mind off Liz I think I'll go and put on a guitar, make a fake mic stand, turn up the stereo and pretend I'm J Mascis.

Sunday 5 December 2010

Bic Fucinkin' Tits

This Friday coming is the End Of Radio Christmas bash at the Unicorn
. we are playing it with Caretaker, Solomon Grundy, Battle For Paris and as usual it is free entry!

In other news, have a listen to this because it is mint! End Now - Tearplugs

Friday 3 December 2010

Save The World

Beautiful isn't it. A fiver to you. You'd also be doing the planet a favour as you won't be needing a plastic bag when you pop to the shops. If you want one, go here.