Saturday 31 March 2012

Tour with Love Among The Mannequins Starts Today!


|Saturday 31st March 2012| Brighton, England at The Brighton Electric Two w/ Nope
|Sunday 1st April 2012| London, England at The Old Blue Last
|Monday 2nd April 2012| Birmingham, England at The Flapper w/&U&I
|Tuesday 3rd April 2012| Liverpool, England at The Pilgrim w/ Eyes
|Wednesday 4th April 2012| Dublin, Ireland at Thomas House
|Thursday 5th April 2012| Belfast, Northern Ireland at Auntie Annie's w/Annapurna
|Friday 6th April 2012| Edinburgh, Scotland at Bannerman's Bar
|Saturday 7th April 2012| Sunderland, England at Plugged Inn
|Sunday 8th April 2012| Halifax, England at Bar Up (without Love Among The Mannequins)

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Cultcha Club

The wonderful people of Subba-Cultcha have reviewed the split with Clean Kitchen. You can take a look at the review here. You should probably read it, then run along to our bandcamp page and buy it. Just an idea. While you're there, you can download most our back catalogue for free.

Sunday 4 March 2012

Listen and Pre-Order

The Split 10" that I've been banging on about for a year now [originally on a different format, with a different band and different labels - a bit like Trigger's broom] is here! Well, almost. The CD's have arrived and we are just waiting on the vinyl's and packaging. Once we have them, we'll put them together and they will be ready. You can listen to it or Pre-Order it by clicking here. The official release date is the 7th May but we'll send them out beforehand and take them to shows with us.