Saturday 31 March 2012

Tour with Love Among The Mannequins Starts Today!


|Saturday 31st March 2012| Brighton, England at The Brighton Electric Two w/ Nope
|Sunday 1st April 2012| London, England at The Old Blue Last
|Monday 2nd April 2012| Birmingham, England at The Flapper w/&U&I
|Tuesday 3rd April 2012| Liverpool, England at The Pilgrim w/ Eyes
|Wednesday 4th April 2012| Dublin, Ireland at Thomas House
|Thursday 5th April 2012| Belfast, Northern Ireland at Auntie Annie's w/Annapurna
|Friday 6th April 2012| Edinburgh, Scotland at Bannerman's Bar
|Saturday 7th April 2012| Sunderland, England at Plugged Inn
|Sunday 8th April 2012| Halifax, England at Bar Up (without Love Among The Mannequins)

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