Friday 22 October 2010

Baby, why don't we?

I've finished packing - T-shirts & socks for each day but fewer pants (when you wake up in a sitting room and people are up and about and you need to rush somewhere else, dignity prevails over cleanliness), a spare pair of jeans, tooth brush, towel, phone charger, sleeping bag, baby wipes, and sixteen cans of Lidl bitter. It still amazes me, the cultural difference in Europe, you always get fed and beer'd. I'm not complaining though as I understand the cost of such things and am eternally grateful to the promoters putting on the shows which allows us to tour. I just prefer getting free beer.

I am planning on keeping a tour diary and posting it up on here [even though we are only going for a week]. And yes, it will be more of the same badly written crap seen above (and below).

Until then. x

oh, and this made me laugh - Thatcher

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