Sunday 21 November 2010

You're My Mate (and I like you)

These are the ace labels that put out Dead Lake for us. They're a good bunch of Lasses and Lads and are truly worth a browse as they put out some tremendous bands. Go spend your money!

WeHeartRecords - This lot have put out three of our records in the past and have put out loads of ace shit like Attack! Vipers! and AndTheyWillRiot!

Art For Blind - They reside in Leeds and have put out Ox Scapula, Carson Wells and Twisted. They are currently doing a deal for our record and the Ox Scapula one for £16.00

Rejuvenation Records - They're from Paris and have put out over thirty records including Revok, Do You Compute, Scul Hazzards, Kimmo and Microfilm.

Bigoût Records - Lyon's Bigoût have put out Scul Hazzards, Sofy Major and Kiruna. The new Kiruna album is coming and will be well worth your money.

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