Friday 10 June 2011

Where's That Copper When You Need Him Badly?

Nitkowski have had to pull out of this weekends London and Brighton shows because Dan can't leave the house due to his broken ankle. Ed has said that if he catches the driver he is going to kill him. Plague Sermon are not playing the Brighton show either as the venue is being petty and won't let them play. The shows now look like this

Saturday, Brighton;
9.45 - 10.15 Lamp!
9.00 - 9.30 Silent Front
8.15 - 8.45 It Often Takes a War
7.30 - 8.00 Fat Bicth
6.45 - 7.15 replacement band

Sunday, Brixton;
9.30 - 10.15 Silent Front
8.30 - 9.15 Fat Bicth
7.30 - 8.15 Plague Sermon
BBQ Break
5.30 - 6.00 It Often Takes a War
4.45 - 5.15 Lamp!
4.00 - 4.30 replacement band

At least, that is the running order that I read in an email. It's gonna be a banger, just a shame that Nitkowski can't play it.

I remember when the bicycle was safe and it was fun, but next time I cycle I'm gonna bring a gun - Leslie George Carter

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