Wednesday 27 March 2013

Tour De France & Spain 2013

If you search facebook you might be able to find out some more info for each show. Hope to catch you at one of them!

Thursday 28th March 2013 Lille, France

Friday 29th March 2013 Caen, France

Saturday 30th March Rennes, France
w/ Choochooshoeshoot, Fevrier
Event Page

Sunday 31st March 2013 Paris, France
Le Rigoletto

Monday 1st April 2013 Metz, France
Cafe Jeanne D'arc

Tuesday 2nd April 2013 Lyon, France
Bar Des Capucins
w/ Torino
Event Page

Wednesday 3rd April 2013 Day Off

Thursday 4th April 2013 Montpellier, France
Up Down Bar

Friday 5th April 2013 Nimes, France
Le Meridien

Saturday 6th April 2013 Barcelona, Spain

Sunday 7th April 2013 Zaragoza, Spain

Monday 8th April 2013 Madrid, Spain
La Faena II

Tuesday 9th April 2013 Bilboa, Spain
Sentinel Rock Club

Saturday 13th April 2013 Camden, North London, England
The Black Heart

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