Sunday 4 August 2013

Your Future, (Pulled Apart By) Horse(s) Master

Our friend Matt Reid has stumbled across a few copies of the split with Concentration Champ that we did to coincide with the 2006 Skela-Tour of Europe. It's a beautiful looking record with a screen printed sleeve and pink vinyl. You can buy it here but it is very limited!

We Heart Records and God is Dad [Matt Reid] put this out as a split release. We Heart Records stopped putting out records in 2010 and became Count Your Troubles...Count Your Blessings Records, while God Is Dad stopped in 2007 and became God Is Dad Design.

Concentration Champ split shortly after the tour and Paul Marshall went on to become Lone Wolf, and got married last week (Friday 26th July 2013) to his lovely long serving girlfriend, Sofi. Lee Vincent is also married and has a daughter, and now plays drums in Pulled Apart By Horses.

On the Nuremburg leg of the tour, the local radio station called them Concentration Camp. Only three people came to the show.

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